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alt_header_Greentree Records - InfektedMusic - Twitch Raid


 Greentree Records - InfektedMusic - Twitch Raid

 Thu. 07 March 2024
 18:00 ( UTC ) (connect to view in your timezone)


 About the event

Staging the March edition of the Greentree Records and Friends monthly raid!

We welcome Creators, Producers, Synthesists, and DJs to join us on a monthly ride through sight and sound, bring your best tunes!!! This is Open Music Format so play what your heart desires!!!! Greentree Records is a Psy Trance label, but we also have many industry friends across man genres! We are also looking for Psy Trance Producers to join our label! We have alot of great stuff happening through this new year and want to help others get recognized!!!

For any questions or the early sign up access code please contact DJ Zach Tyler or BadAcid_Psy

Time table


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