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alt_header_40 Years of Feeding WaWa - in support of Switch180


 40 Years of Feeding WaWa - in support of Switch180

 Fri. 17 March 2023
 10:00 ( UTC ) (connect to view in your timezone)




 About the event

*WHOEVER HAD THE THURSDAY 23RD 1700 GMT SLOT (after TwisterAZ) PLEASE WHISPER ME ON TWITCH- I ACCIDENTALLY REMOVED YOUR SLOT AND I DIDNT HAVE A NOTE OF WHO HAD IT 🤦‍♂️* Welcome to BiggyWaWa's 40th Birthday Raid Train!!! The raid train is running in aid of Switch180. The charity itself is celebrating 20 years of existence this year and continues to do an incredible job supporting disadvantaged inner city young people through mental health support and snowsports from across the UK. General slot allocation guidelines as follows: Each slot is 1 hr long. You have up to 4 hrs that you can take, but please limit weekend (1200 GMT Friday - 0200 GMT Monday) slots to a maximum of 3 hrs for a single set. You are welcome to split your allocation into two separate 2 hour sets, but please ask Will first and make sure only one of those is on a weekend if you choose to do so. Please try not to leave any random 1 hr gaps in the schedule as these will be a nightmare to fill! If it's absolutely necessary to leave a gap to start at a specific time, book the slots you need and then get in touch with me (details further down). If you're fitting this into your regular schedule, but your regular stream usually runs for more than 4 hrs, please book the number of hours you'd like to be part of the train and make sure that the final hour booked is your final hour on stream so that the raid can be given to the next person in the schedule. You are more than welcome to start your stream earlier than the booked time to welcome in your regular viewers before the raid arrives, but please do not run longer unless the next streamer has specifically asked you to. If you need a specific slot allocation to fit your schedule that you haven't already mentioned then please message me on Messenger (Will Ferguson-Smith / Biggywawa), Insta (Biggywawa) or email [email protected] at the earliest opportunity. I don't check twitch whispers regularly enough to answer quickly and discord scares the hell out of me! This is a wide-ranging raid train with veteran streamers who have 100+ regular viewers, right through to DJs who are just starting their twitch experience. Please promote and support the DJs who were on the schedule ahead of you and who will follow you, no matter who they are! And please give follows to the others in this schedule, again, no matter how developed their channel is. Finally please make sure you're modded with at least one person who will be with you for your full stream that can deal with the chat and also raid out to the next streamer in the schedule at the end. Streaming veterans will have this sorted, but if you're a newer channel and haven't yet got that mod support please either find someone who knows what they're doing or send a message so I can find you someone. Thanks so much for reading! I know a lot of it is just common sense, but it's at least there for everyone to see so there's no doubt over anything. Any questions, just ask. I'm trying to put together a support team who can cover all the timezones to answer questions if I'm not available, details on that later. Huge love to everyone, can't wait to kick this one off!!


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