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RaidPal is your Twitch Raid Event Manager

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Manage your Twitch Raid Events

  •  Log in with your Twitch account
  •  Setup your account and timezone
  •  Create a Raid event with friends!
  •  Personalize your own official event page
  •  Invite others to your event
  •  Share your event on social media
  •  Slots can be claimed
  •  The event can begin!
  •  Setup your peronal streamer page!

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Your Advantages

  •  Easy management of your events and timetable
  •  No more excel sheets creating Raids
  •  RaidPal handles all the timezones
  •  Awesome page for your event
  •  RaidPal Chatbot announces in chat
  •  RaidPal sets stream title just before stream starts
  •  Set event public or private with access code
  •  Set event invisible while you are working on it
  •  Gain audience: event in Google and Bing
  •  Push your events to your Discord channel

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