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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please take a look at these FAQ's!


Is RaidPal only for Twitch?

What is the best browser for RaidPal?

Why do I need to sign in (connect to Twitch) every time after a few hours?

Is RaidPal free?

Is the event page findable in search engines like Google or Bing?

Can I create events for myself only?

Can I move claimed slots around in my event to manage them?

Is it possible to edit my event?

I'm a manager of streamer DJ's, can I create events so that the DJ's can join?

What personal details are stored in RaidPal?

How do I sign in with another account when already logged-in?

How safe is it to use RaidPal as I have to give permissions when I login for first time?

The RaidPal Chatbot is not showing up in my Chat

Is any other bot affecting the RaidPal bot when used simultaneously?

How do I change the interval of the chat messages from RaidPal or even set them on or off?

Is RaidPal only for DJ's?

How many RaidPal tabs can I open in my browser simultaneously?

How do I remove my account?

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