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How to Raid On Twitch

What is a Twitch Raid

If you want to pass on viewers in your stream to another streamer, you can do this by donating your viewers to another streamer. On Twitch this is called a Raid.

Maybe you gained a lot of valuable viewers during your stream and you planned stop streaming or it's the next streamer's turn after you. It is very cool that you can pass on these viewers to someone else. This way the other streamer gets your viewers in his or her stream.

If you participate in an event and a next streamer is scheduled after you, you can Raid to the other streamer yourself. Often the person after you has already started streaming (is LIVE) and he or she gives you a signal the Raid can be started.

Receiving a Raid is very nice because you often get new viewers who don't know your channel yet and might follow you. But it is important that the viewers you get through a Raid are interested in what you perform. Never disappoint your viewers.

That's why it's good to know that if you start a Raid to another streamer, your current viewers need to have interest in the next streamer. For example, if you are a DJ and you stream music, it works very well to Raid to another DJ, perhaps in the same music style. Raid to eg. a Swimming Pool Party or an IRL channel is less tactical. Unless, of course, you have thought this through beforehand.

How to Raid someone on Twitch

If you want to Raid, you can do so in 3 different ways.

1. Use the RaidPal OBS panel plugin and have all information directly on your screen. More info about the Dirty Raid plugin can be found here.

2. In your own chat, type the command /raid followed by the name of the streamer. For example: /raid DJRazorX

3. Go to your Twitch settings, choose 'Creator Dashboard' and click on the 'Raid Channel' button. If your target channel is 'LIVE' you can find the streamer eg 'DJRazorX' via the search box.

After sending the command in your chat or started the Raid via your Creator Dashboard, your viewers will be collected and you can confirm the Raid.
Your viewers will now be sent over to your target streamer.


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