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 999 Rave Train

 Fri. 15 March 2024
 11:00 ( UTC ) (connect to view in your timezone)


Organised by JasperDiscovers

999 Army


 About the event

Join the 999 Army and enjoy the harder styles of Drum & Bass, Crossbreed, Tekno and Hardcore in this raging celebration of two Twitch streamers and all the friends we made along the way on Twitch! 

/JasperDiscovers is 3 years on Twitch
/Thymoandbass is celebrating 333 followers.

3x333 = 999.

999 is all about the hardest of the hardest. We make DJs dig to the bottom of their crates to find the tunes they have been dreading to play, soley because they fear their subwoofers might not survive the madness that is 999. This is the loudest train you've ever boarded.

All aboard the 999 Rave Train!

Participants, please find all info about the event in the Discord linked below.

Time table


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