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alt_header_Alzheimer's Fundraiser for Marcelina Jones (DJMones Mum)


 Alzheimer's Fundraiser for Marcelina Jones (DJMones Mum)

 Fri. 14 April 2023
 15:00 ( UTC ) (connect to view in your timezone)


Organised by DJMones1

Event currently not related to a team


 About the event

Too many times, many of us have been on both the receiving and giving ends of financial aid due to various issues. Mama Mones and the Mones Families are asking for help and assistance due to the crappy American Healthcare system. Mama Mones has been in care for Alzheimer's, and unfortunately, the time for increased care has arrived. For the level of improved care needed and pandemic-delayed cost increases finally being implemented, her care will be $100,000 per year, after the help of the joke of American health insurance and medical assistance programs. Many fabulous DJs, artists, and collectives from all different genres are coming together to help support Mama Mones during her time of need. Please join Der Keller and our Twitch Families for a weekend of fantastic tunes and fun supporting Mama Mones! Facebook event link: PLEASE PM THE HOST TO BE ADDED TO SCHEDULE

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