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alt_header_Art Of DJ: [12h/Lucky Dip] AOD029


 Art Of DJ: [12h/Lucky Dip] AOD029

 Wed. 31 January 2024
 12:00 ( UTC ) (connect to view in your timezone)


Organised by ArtOfDJ

Art Of DJ


 About the event

🎧 Art of DJ Presents: Lucky Dip - Twitch DJ Train! 🚂🎶
Ready for a musical adventure filled with surprises? 📣 Once this event is fully booked, we'll assign the genres to the DJs, creating an exciting mix of styles for the duration they've signed up for! 🔥

This is your chance to take a musical journey without knowing exactly where the tracks will lead. 🌟 Our DJ Train is set to depart with a blend of genres, and we want YOU on board for this unpredictable ride! 🚀 Secure up to 2 one-hour slots and let the musical dice roll. But the fun doesn't stop there! 🥳

Dive into our lively Discord community to stay updated on future events, collaborations, and all things music. 🎉 Don't miss this thrilling Lucky Dip adventure! 🎧🔊

👉 Claim your slots and join us on Discord: Art of DJ Discord

Let's make some unexpected musical memories together! 🙌💃🕺

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