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alt_header_Basscraft Music Festival - MegaVortex Stage Day 1


 Basscraft Music Festival - MegaVortex Stage Day 1

 Sat. 16 December 2023
 17:45 ( UTC ) (connect to view in your timezone)


 About the event

Basscraft Music Festival - MegaVortex Stage Day 1 (hosted by Tower Productions)

Perfomance Details:
All performance slots are divided into 45 minute blocks.
Artist may claim a maximum of 2 DJ Slots / One to Two slot per streamer.
Installing: OBS add-on panel for RaidPal to manage raiding, is highly recommended.
This event is an all-genre event.
Please stream only music.

Disclaimer: By participating in Basscraft Music Festival, you accept your set may be recorded.
(you can message us on Instagram to opt-out of this)

Event Details:
Basscraft Music Festival is an end of the year virtual music festival held in the game VRChat, our event hosts 2 stages:
The Main Stage & MegaVortex Stage.

The MainStage will be streamed on @basscraftmusicfestival, The MegaVortex Stage will be hosted through the RaidPal platform & streamed on @basscraftradio on Twitch.

Want to join the raid event? Please claim and available slot on this stage are open for claiming.
For more information on our event, please visit our website:
You may contact us on Instagram:



Time table


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