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alt_header_BASSCRAFT SUMMER 2024 (Day 2)



 Sat. 01 June 2024
 16:00 ( UTC ) (connect to view in your timezone)


 About the event

Basscraft Music Festival is hosting our Summer pre-party to our 15 Year Anniversary event in December. 
{This is the MainStage}

Event Rules/Guidelines: 
Support the acts playing before and especially after you. 

Avoid going overtime. Finish 90 seconds before your time's up.
If pre-recording.. twitch @basscraftmusicfestival will host your set. You must submit 1-2 weeks in advance.
email: [email protected] with a Dropbox / WeTransfer link. 

You MUST GO LIVE 5-10 minutes before your start time!
//*Opting out of the event last-minute will result in you being barred from playing our shows in the future. 

Genre Choice:
{open format/Mainstream-Top 40}

Extra Details:
Please promote the event flyer. (found on Instagram)
Support the artist playing before and after you! 
DO NOT ditch the event and stream after raiding.

-- Please record the audio of your set, if possible --
-- We will be hosting our own stage stream on the @basscraftmusicfestival channel. Feel free to add an web overlay so viewers may also see the stage on your stream. You may post the Minecraft details: (stream title or chat)


Time table


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