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 BerettaMusic BBQ & Twitch Connect!

 Thu. 23 May 2024
 16:00 ( UTC ) (connect to view in your timezone)




 About the event

BerettaMusic is proud to host our 1st annual BBQ and Twitch Connect at our beautiful White Lake Log Cabin.  We will be BBQ'ing food, hanging out with live DJ's streaming on Twitch.  This will serve as an appreciation party for those who follow the label but also as a great meet up for all of our Twitch family.  We hope that you can make it!  

Address: 8085 High Point Trail White Lake, MI

Food: Burgers, hot dogs, sides.  (Bring your own food that you/we can grill onsite as well.... we are flexible here)
Camping:  You can camp onsite!  Please ping us with what your plan is. (tent, camper or otherwise)  The cabin is on an acre of land and there is plenty of room.
DJ's:  We are planning to have a DJ setup with live streaming from noon to 9pm.


Time table


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