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 Buddy System

 Wednesday 12 April 2023
 12:00  GMT (connect to view in your timezone)


Organised by P5ingletary



 About the event

Buddy System
Are you an experienced streamer? Do you want to connect to new stream communities? Are you a New streamer? Do you want someone to help you with tools, content, and help you as 1st cheerleader?

Experienced Streamer : Partner, Affiliate, or have streamed 10 times for more than an hour
It would be great if you can bring a New streamer with you, if not we can pair you up!

New Streamer : Has gone live more than twice! If you have an experienced streamer that you would like to be your buddy, please invite. Otherwise we will help pair you up with someone

**Important Notes
- to allow for Non-DJ/Music streamers to participate, it would be great for the pair to co-stream. Meaning both of you stream. We can help you get setup over the next 4 weeks. There are great tools out there and we'll show you how easy it can be.
- Join discord for questions and coordination
- Book time for one on one consultation
- Catch VODs of how to setup your stream for Buddy System

Time table


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