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alt_header_Cultural Overtones - Ambient Thursday on Twitch E0004


 Cultural Overtones - Ambient Thursday on Twitch E0004

 Thu. 11 May 2023
 10:00 ( UTC ) (connect to view in your timezone)


Organised by Tsuki_Oto

Event currently not related to a team


 About the event

Cultural Overtones - Ambient Thursday on Twitch. - 24 Hours of Live Ambient Music Acts 24 time slots available. - Remember to rotate your booking for each week and to avoid occupancy on previous booked times. We are aiming for a fresh mix every week. Regulars are welcome. - First come, best served. Let’s be flexible if possible. Especially if we have a new comer who wants to join our family. - Tag and title your stream with Cultural Overtones so the audience can find our content. - Don’t forget to publish your VOD afterwards in our channel #cultural-overtones-vod - No pre-recorded vods. Performance must be executed live. - Drums are aloud, but moderate and sparse. The aim is to present diversity in ambient music. You do You! - Live collaborations are welcomed. - Make sure to follow the one You will raid out to. - A friendly reminder: 30 minutes before You go online, make sure to restart your server/router. If you got a good internet provider you should be fine. - Be online 10 minutes before your actual time slot starts. If there are any technical difficulties, please contact Maninna Noor

Time table


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