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alt_header_❤️Emotions In Motion #24🚂🎧Deep, Melodic, Progressive House♪


 ❤️Emotions In Motion #24🚂🎧Deep, Melodic, Progressive House♪

 Thu. 30 November 2023
 04:00 ( UTC ) (connect to view in your timezone)




 About the event

Music without ears to hear it or a heart to feel it is just sound, wandering the silence searching for a home. Music has a home... It's inside all of us and when we play music, we set emotions in motion which cause a chain reaction of joy throughout the world. 'Emotions In Motion: Raid Train' is dedicated to finding artists that are passionate about spreading the joy of music that hits you right in the feels. That's why we've chosen you. We appreciate your gift and want to give you a stage to share it with the world.


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