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alt_header_#FundaMENTAL Vol.23


 #FundaMENTAL Vol.23

 Fri. 13 October 2023
 13:00 ( UTC ) (connect to view in your timezone)


Organised by BadAciD_psy

True North Radio


 About the event

You know the drill. Good vibes good tuned, the best people. Follow the discord for pin and future trains

Guidelines & Participation Expectations

  • Standard changeovers & raidsTake note of who is playing before you, try to be in their chat 15 minutes ahead of your set, and let them know when you’re ready for the raid. Let the viewers know where you are going in case there is an issue with the raid. Please try as much as possible to keep your slot time. Start on time and don’t run over.
  • Follower-only or subscriber-only. Please disable your FOLLOW-ONLY, VERIFIED ACCOUNTS-ONLY, and SUBSCRIBER-ONLY settings in the chat during your raid train stream. This creates a welcoming environment for everyone to continue interacting in the chat.
  • Can’t make your timeslot or going to be late: 1) Contact the appropriate raid train organizers as soon as possible, 2) Contact the person before you in the raid train and see if they can play longer or take your set time, and 3) Life happens. We understand. Just let us know to avoid a train derailment.
  • No-show policy. 3 no-shows without contacting the organizers and you will not be invited back to any True North Radio Raid Trains.
  • Raid Train Assets & Branding. All assets are linked in the raid train description and raid train team. This will include the flyer, logos, and any overlays. Assets are not be altered or edited. Raid Pal will automatically update the title if the settings are turned on. If you would like to create your own title the suggested title format: Train Title - Major commands
    Fundamental Assets:
    True North Radio Assets:
  • Promotion. Do your best to promote the train on social media and in your channel leading up to the raid train day.

Time table


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