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alt_header_HMB #3 - Comfort Zone Be Damned, Hold My Beer...


 HMB #3 - Comfort Zone Be Damned, Hold My Beer...

 Sat. 24 February 2024
 15:00 ( UTC ) (connect to view in your timezone)


Organised by datJCguy

Hold My Beer...


 About the event

You can't DJ while holding a beer, so when it's your turn, tell someone to Hold My Beer and do your thing! The goal for this raid is to put together a set in a genre you don't normally play. Get out of your comfort zone.

Format: Open, but this is the event to try out something outside your comfort zone. 

Before you sign up, be sure you know how to do the following:

DJ a one to two hour set.
Stream on Twitch with high-quality audio.
Raid another channel.
Be kind, patient, and gracious.

Time table


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