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alt_header_Home-Bass Raid Train (Bass Blown Ent.) - The bassy side of dance music!


 Home-Bass Raid Train (Bass Blown Ent.) - The bassy side of dance music!

 Sat. 06 April 2024
 16:30 ( UTC ) (connect to view in your timezone)


 About the event

Bass Blown Entertainment and DJ Brute are happy to bring you a raid train that provides people with a proper dose of bassy dance music. This multi-genre dance music raid train focuses on bass/tech/electro house, breaks, electro, garage, funky, glitch, dubstep, jersey club, trap, halftime, drum & bass, and jungle! As long as it fits the vibe, it is fair game.

We are interested in having seasoned DJs participate to guarantee the smoothest of mixes possible for our viewers. Please have some stream clips or mixes we can check out. We reserve the right to turn down DJs if we feel they are not a good fit for the raid train. All DJs are also expected to join our Discord server to confirm your spot on the raid train, get logos, get updates, and more. You can join our Discord here: . If we do not get contacted by you within a few days of you signing up, your spot will be opened up again. This helps us confirm and get promotional content created in a timely manner. Thanks in advance and we look forward to working with all the awesome selectas out there!

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