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alt_header_🌭 hotdoggers Hellish Relish Halloween Raid Train


 🌭 hotdoggers Hellish Relish Halloween Raid Train

 Fri. 27 October 2023
 15:00 ( UTC ) (connect to view in your timezone)


Organised by SheenSayer



 About the event

Welcome to the 2nd hotdoggers event: 🌭 hotdoggers Hellish Relish Halloween Raid Train!

Since our outrageously fun debut in spring of 2023 it was clear we had to get these glizzies back onto the grill ASAP. hotdoggers is now 48 members strong and this vacuum-sealed extravanganza is promised to be the freshest, juiciest and hottest yet! Allow these skilled DJ's to tantalize, thrill and entrance you for three straight days as they share their passion for music and community.

Streamers are encouraged to dress up as a fellow hotdoggers member of their choice or in any costume. No pressure and no obligation. Streamers can also include something hotdoggy on their stream, such as real hotdogs, a story, or share what being a part of our wonderful Twitch music community means to you. Again, no pressure. Play music for two hours with no mic if you want. Just have fun :)

Viewers, want to level up your experience? Hang out in voice/video chat on our Discord server and watch party together!

Link below.

Time table


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