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alt_header_jacinta_wolf_raven1 birthday and 18 months streaming supporting ASPECT


 jacinta_wolf_raven1 birthday and 18 months streaming supporting ASPECT

 Sun. 25 June 2023
 10:00 ( UTC ) (connect to view in your timezone)


Organised by jacinta_wolf_raven1

Event currently not related to a team


 About the event

A fun and no twitch politics raid train - it's jacinta's birthday and 18 months of streaming supporting and raising funds for ASPECT - Autism Spectrum Australia - which helps autisitic people lead the most fulfilling life they can - acceptance not just awareness Please take up to 4 two hour slots - any genre have fun Anyone can participate - be nice - no code needed now - let me know in twitch/discord if you’ve joined PLEASE ALSO JOIN MY DISCORD FOR UPDATES I’ll post fliers etc there

Time table


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