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alt_header_KOOPANUT's Open Deck Heads 21.1.23


 KOOPANUT's Open Deck Heads 21.1.23

 Sat. 21 January 2023
 16:00 ( UTC ) (connect to view in your timezone)




 About the event

Any Twitch DJ can join, to get a code simply join the Discord and go To "Open Deck Heads" Channel please introduce yourself to the other DJ's while you're there too. The rules are simple *Play music 🎶 you love *Go live at least 10 mins before your slot. *Raid out on time *Follow all the other DJ's and say nice things to them and about them NO ARTWORK : NO BANNER : NO TIMERS : NO COMMANDS : NO REQUIREMENT TO PUT RAID TRAIN NAME IN YOUR STREAM TITLE Just be nice and have a good time; We are all Deck Heads together This is a collaborative raid train, please do not message me with any issues, all conversations must be in the Open Deck Heads Discord Channel so that solutions can be found by all participating DJ's Organizational disclaimer: This is very much a casual raid train, developed purely because it's more fun to stream as part of a raid train than just doing a solo pop-up. Therefore I cannot promise I will be able to join every (or any) stream throughout the raid, particularly if they are late, but anyone participating is very much appreciated! We're all absolute deck heads! ❤️


Time table


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