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 Saturday 22 April 2023
 16:00  GMT (connect to view in your timezone)


Organised by DJRecoveryRate



 About the event

Dedicated to the vast amount of music Lowriding culture has attracted. Music for kicking-back, cruising, and parties in the West coast U.S. But you can be from anywhere to enjoy this online show. Follow our streamers for:

Classic R&B, Soul, Funk, Latin Hip-Hop, Old-School Hip-Hop, Gangster Rap, Bass Music, Miami Bass, New Wave, Synth-Pop, Electro, G-Funk, P-Funk, Disco, Freestyle, Psychedelic Rock, Latin-Jazz, Blues Rock, Boogaloo & more!

Please share event, and flier when posted.

No account necessary to watch. But we have more fun if you log-in and tell the DJs how much you dig their tunes, they'll appreciate it a ton! Plus you can follow your favorite streamers and be notified next time they're live!

- Music and Video streams. Sorry, no gamers. No 'Just Chatting' streams unless highly relevant.
- Newer music ok if it resembles the classic vibes.
- Interested but not sure what to play? Thump Records and their associated labels is a good resource for inspiration. They've released some of the most popular compilations in this culture, including the Lowrider Magazine soundtracks.

- Know how to initiate raids.
- Turn off Subscriber Only / Follower Only chat.
- Turn off ads.
- If your settings reject raids from people you don't follow, switch it to allow them.
- Add "Lowrider" to the custom tags when updating your stream info.

- Communicate with the streamer before and after you so the raid works smoothly.
- Go live at least 5 minutes before your set time.
- Pin the next streamer's url in the chat before you raid out.
- If issues arise, allow them time to reset. If they cannot stream after a reasonable amount of time: current streamer may continue streaming; streamer after the non-streamer may start early; me or someone else will take over.

- Contact for access through Twitch whispers or discord.

Time table


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