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alt_header_Mat Lock's - Maggie's Cat Rescue Charity Raid Train Event


 Mat Lock's - Maggie's Cat Rescue Charity Raid Train Event

 Thu. 23 February 2023
 10:00 ( UTC ) (connect to view in your timezone)




 About the event

This 4 day event will be held to try and raise funds for a good friend of mine Nigel who runs a cat rescue from his home in Folkestone, Kent UK. Whilst spending a lot of his time rescuing and rehoming lots of abandoned and mistreated cats he also looks after his Mum who has dementia and he somehow manages to produce lots of trance music (Sabastien) and has released several tracks over the last 2 years or so which I play frequently in my streams. This event will span the genres from House to Techno through to Trance and the Harder dance music. I, and Nigel, will be truly grateful if you can join me in streaming for this amazing charity event.


Time table


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