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alt_header_MCS 1st Annual 60 HOUR Fall Raid Train


 MCS 1st Annual 60 HOUR Fall Raid Train

 Thu. 28 September 2023
 14:00 ( UTC ) (connect to view in your timezone)


 About the event

MCS (Makers and Crafters Society) was created with the intent and purpose of helping all Artists, Makers and Crafters to find a place to connect, communicate and collaborate in their creative endeavors while sharing inspiration and growth. They also wanted to focus on highlighting those who use their creative endeavors to support themselves and their families. Slots are first come, first serve. Once you connect to RaidPal with your Twitch, it will show slots in your local time zone. If there are secondary slots available, we will update you in our discord server and we will update the event here for second slot sign ups.


Time table


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