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alt_header_N/A EP Release Party on EMP Radio


 N/A EP Release Party on EMP Radio

 Sat. 10 December 2022
 19:00 ( UTC ) (connect to view in your timezone)


Organised by CaptHz

Event currently not related to a team


 About the event

It's a busy month for us, proud to announce that this Saturday's Demo Derby is a release party for N/A's EP out Friday on EMP. It's a live jam, electro, techno, and IDM heavy lineup showcasing a lot of our 305 gang. If you liked Stuxpop and our ECC release, be sure to come by. The pre-order for Professionally Architect Next-Generation Scaleable Clouds is up now on our Bandcamp. Lineup in the link and as follows, all times PST: 11am: Dooodal @ttv/dooodal 12pm: Hellacopta b2b CaptHz @ttv/hellacopta_ 1pm: KieranBe @ttv/kieranbe 2pm: Thwack @ttv/thwackaroo 3pm: Pixelpowder @ttv/pixelpowder 4pm: Everglades Computer Club @ttv/lennyforet 5pm: johnnyC @ttv/lennyforet 6pm: Noncompliant @ttv/noncompliant1 7pm: fka stuxpop @ttv/lennyforet 8pm: ctrl+opt @ttv/lennyforet 9pm: DEROBOTER @ttv/smoothyderoboter 10pm: Miss Jackalope @ttv/missjackalope 11pm: Sedriss @ttv/sedrissdj 12am: Bleeptemple @ttv/bleeptemple

Time table


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