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alt_header_Off the Rails - S2:E12 - Pre Game For Elation's 50th Birthday Bash


 Off the Rails - S2:E12 - Pre Game For Elation's 50th Birthday Bash

 Sat. 07 December 2024
 16:00 ( UTC ) (connect to view in your timezone)


 About the event

FTC's monthly open format raid train, Off The Rails.

Please use the link below to get your logos and graphics for the Raid Train.

OFF The RAILS Share drive

Raid Rules:  

1. Make sure your stream is tested and ready to go 10 minutes before your designated slot time. If you are having problems, contact someone from FTC. Please Turn off Follower / Subscriber only chat modes for the duration of the RAID Train. We're all Family here.

2. Please display FTC branded materials (see link above). Feel free to modify colors to match your overlay but DO NOT MODIFY the logos themselves.

3. Please display the Schedule Graphic" throughout your stream, located in the logo & graphics folder. (link above)

4. If you back out at the last minute before your set or no show, you will not be asked to play again in the future. If you have any issues please contact Paula (paubl0).



Time table


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