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alt_header_Pre Valentines Day Swamp Bass & Beats Raid Train


 Pre Valentines Day Swamp Bass & Beats Raid Train

 Mo. 12 February 2024
 10:00 ( UTC ) (connect to view in your timezone)


Organised by SneakyFrogsCandles

Swamp Bass & Beats


 About the event

Open format EDM raid train for any and all who want to play.  Hey, the purpose of this train is to come together, meet new people, jam out to great tunes, hear new music and HAVE FUN.  We'll be placing additional info like flyers, logos  and stuff in Discord right about....  here: .  When in doubt... say, "RIBBIT!"

Max 1 slot per person, play nice, be respectful and ALWAYS look twice before crossing the street!

Hop through our FB Group for additional information or just to say Hi! :) :)

Time table


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