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 Raid Train on the Full Moon

 Tuesday 07 March 2023   19:00 ( UTC ) (connect to view in your timezone)


Organised by dustydigital

Event currently not related to a team


 About the event

Full moon ceremony has been an ancient practice to worship it for its rhythms of life and the universe. Here we are doing so with a music raid train and whatever feels sacred to ourselves.

All genre's welcome and feel free to get weird. Main focus is good vibes, music and a bit of intentionality.

Event chat, info here in discord under Raid Train

Full Worm Moon (Hard Crust on the Snow Moon)

March 7, 2023 (7:40 a.m. EST)

As the temperatures begin to rise, the snow melts and the earth softens and becomes mud. Worms begin to crawl in the ground, heralding the return of birds, which will feed on them. Also called the Sap Moon, because it’s the time to tap the maples for their sap.

If you would like to get involved reach out.

Time table


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