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alt_header_SKY BASS Twitch Dance Event - Hosted by @POLYMATHICdnb


 SKY BASS Twitch Dance Event - Hosted by @POLYMATHICdnb

 Mo. 16 October 2023
 18:00 ( UTC ) (connect to view in your timezone)




 About the event

Celebrating Amsterdam Dance Event with an International Raid Train crossing multiple genres of EDM! Normally SKY BASS is a Drum & Bass label/event/raid train, but this once we are open to all genres of EDM, so go wild!

We recommend you to join the Discord if you intend to take part in the raid train, to stay in the loop where we discuss details / "rules", share the final posters, drop/get free tunes and just hang out. Please try to be active in chat during the train and or in the Discord so we can feel ensured you will show up. We want this raid train to pull through the full 5 days!



Short Basic Rules:

1. Start stream 5-10 minutes ahead.

2. Say hi in the chat of the streamer who plays before you.

3. Make sure your setup works and the audio is clear before you start.

4. (We again recommend joining the Discord) 5. Have fun (most important rule).

Love you all!


P.S. If we fill it up we might extend it!


Time table


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