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 Techno Legends Raidtrain

 Sat. 17 February 2024
 09:00 ( UTC ) (connect to view in your timezone)


Organised by krakenkronik

Event currently not related to a team


 About the event

Techno Legends Raidtrain stems from our desire to create a high-quality techno event on the Twitch platform, in collaboration with my partner Giacomo Stallone. We have meticulously selected 10 highly talented artists from different countries to be a part of this thrilling inaugural edition.

Techno Legends Raidtrain surge de nuestro deseo de crear un evento de techno de alta calidad en la plataforma Twitch, en colaboración con mi compañero Giacomo Stallone. Hemos seleccionado meticulosamente a 10 artistas altamente talentosos de diferentes países para ser parte de esta emocionante primera edición.

Time table


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