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alt_header_The Family Raid Train


 The Family Raid Train

 Fri. 03 November 2023
 17:00 ( UTC ) (connect to view in your timezone)


Organised by TotalRage76

Event currently not related to a team


 About the event

A family raid train - Cause our heart moves the core! This is an event for the wide spectrum of hardcore, an opportunity to see familiar dj's but also to meet new streamers and viewers. We have slots of 2 hours with a max of 2 slots (4hrs) per DJ. To claim a slot you have to get a code from Dutchgabber_official. Make sure you are in his discord channel to follow updates about the train, we have a special channel for that. There you will also find the flyer and other needed things when they are ready. This makes communication easier: Do let the streamer before you know 30 min in advance that your getting ready and start your stream 5 min before your time so the raids will go smoothly. If there are any problems, let us know in discord!

Time table


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