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 Twitch Warriors

 Friday 07 April 2023
 12:00  GMT (connect to view in your timezone)


Organised by TotalRage76



 About the event

TWITCH WARRIORS - 7/8/9 of April 2023
A showcase of harder styles on Twitch

I want to showcase a lot of variety in harder styles among the dj's on Twitch, like a proper festival.
You can be a part of this!

These are options for 1 hour slots, you can take 4 hrs max. (for example 1 block of 4 or 2 blocks of 2 hrs)

Euphoric / Freestyle
Classic hardstyle
Raw hardstyle
Classic / Millenium hardcore
Industrial Hardcore
Happy Hardcore / Kandi Rave
Deep house / psytrance / other non-hard dance stuff

There is no uptempo or terror because i didnt want to include those styles here.

Flyer and promostuff will be made when slots are filled and they will be posted in Discord for all to use.
If there are any questions, tips ect please hit me up in Discord. Will use the meetingpoint there also as a communication line between participants on the event. If there is something we all need to know please post it there too. That way we can all help eachother out.


Time table


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