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alt_header_TYC's SPRING 2024 REGATTA Yacht Rock Raid Train


 TYC's SPRING 2024 REGATTA Yacht Rock Raid Train

 Thu. 21 March 2024
 15:00 ( UTC ) (connect to view in your timezone)


Organised by WeDanceAsOne

Team TYC


 About the event

A'HOY!  We're officially launching our first seasonal YACHT ROCK REGATTA Raid Train!  However you play it... vinyl, digital, or video, it's time to show off your favorites!
** IF YOU'RE UNSURE of what "Yacht Rock," is... please take time to Google it or check out one of these links below.  While YES it's limited to a time period from the 70s into very early 80s, but it's more of a "feel/sound" than it is a time period.  THESE WILL BE 90 MINUTE SETS!!!

LOGOS/GRAPHICS can be found in the Discord:
(A DropBox for graphics available for those not on Discord, that link is in the GUIDELINES)

Time table


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