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alt_header_United We Rise Ep.4 Raid Train


 United We Rise Ep.4 Raid Train

 Sat. 20 April 2024
 04:00 ( UTC ) (connect to view in your timezone)


 About the event

Hello and Welcome to United We Rise Raid Train Ep. 4!!!

This is an open format event organized and brought to you by @djgeraldanthony, @ftc_dj_mike_e, @djgrom & @Renegade_Tigers, with the intent to Unite DJ's and viewers from all over the World through the mystical power of music. No matter where you are from, what your background is, how big or small your channel is, if you have true genuine Love for Music and sharing your musical journeys with others, then United We Rise is the place for you to showcase it.

This event will take place once every month, with a duration of 76 hours. 36 DJ's from all over the World will have a 2 hour slot each to play their best tunes and help us celebrate Music & Life in this magnificent event.


!!! Participation Guidelines !!!

* Please make sure you start your set 15 minutes before your assigned slot time starts, this was any delays to the scheduled raid times will be avoided. Try to be supportive of the event as much as you can, but be especially mindful of the DJ's playing immediately before and after you, make sure you are following them and that you show some support in chat during their set. This will help you get introduced to the viewers and also that you are aware of what kind of vibe is being played.

* Please make sure your channel's chat is open to everyone and that you do not have FOLLOW-ONLY, VERIFIED ACCOUNTS-ONLY, and SUBSCRIBER-ONLY modes active for your chat during your stream in this event. We would like for everyone to be able to join in and participate in chat, feel included and welcomed to have some fun with us.

* If by any chance you cannot make it to play your assigned slot, please contact one of the organizers as soon as possible. This way we will have time to find a suitable replacement and keep the event going without intermissions. Also if you are running late or have any technical issues, please be sure to inform the organizers, and also the DJ playing before you of how long you expect to take.

* Please try your best to promote the event fully across your social media platforms. This will create more exposure for the event and 
attract more viewers to come join and have some fun with us. Flyers, logos and other assets will be shared with everyone as soon as the event is fully booked.

* Last but not least, please don't forget to have fun while sharing your music with us.

* United We Rise Raid Train Assets -


Time table


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