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alt_header_We love [Organic House] #4


 We love [Organic House] #4

 Sat. 27 April 2024
 06:00 ( UTC ) (connect to view in your timezone)


 About the event

❤️ This raid train is about Organic House.
💙 Be punctual and reliable and let your predecessor know in good time that you are ready.
💛 Our logo should be visible in your stream during your timeslot.
💜 Two days before the event a flyer will be created (same link as the logo).
💚 You can find all media files here:
❤️ Your membership in our Discord Server is not mandatory, but you are very welcome!
💙 Please also support Raidpal for their service and also show their logo
✅ Don't forget to click "Follow Team" on our team page.


Time table


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