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 World Tech Club Raid Train

 Sat. 24 February 2024
 12:00 ( UTC ) (connect to view in your timezone)


Organised by nordic_techgirl

World Tech Club


 About the event

World Tech Club train !

This event will feature a wide range of styles from the Techno spectrum from melodic/peak to hard/industrial. In keeping with what happens in nightclubs IRL, this event has been curated so that more serene (lower BPM) styles will feature at the start of the train with a build up throughout the day to harder (higher BPM) styles

There is a clear transition taking place between Nordic_Techgirl's slot and Toestubz slot directly after, so please make sure you grab a relavant slot. Before Nordic if you play more serene/mellow or after Toestubz if you aim to destroy your neighbours ears

If you would like to take part, please join our discord via the link below and ask for the code!

This is an event where respect, love and fun must absolutely prevail to create a shared haven for DJs and friends with a passion for techy music!

Time table


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