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 East Coast Collective DJs


 About the team

We are a collective of ALL VINYL DJs, all with ties to the late 1980's to present Central Florida music scene. Our collective DJs have played the most pivotal nightclubs and raves in Central Florida history including: Aahz, Brassy's, Marz, The Edge, Firestone, Simons, Icon, Blue Room, Space Miami, Club 5, 1509, Mannequins, 911, Toucan Lounge, and countless others across the United States and Canada. With over 40,000+ pieces of vinyl at our disposal, you're certain to hear something different every time including: Trance, Progressive House, Breaks, Groove/Downtempo, Rave, Hardcore, and classic old skool like no other collective of DJs on this planet!

(East Coast Collective DJ Family Links)
Andy Hughes -
Anson Bingham -
Yogi -
Yuri Gonzalez -
Jon Zdanis -
Paul in Buffalo -
Todd Brewer -

 Team's upcoming events

There are no upcoming events planned or assigned to this team yet.

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