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 About the team

Raiders Doing Work was established in 2022 by dj_tbd and ChiefDoomsday as a joint venture to allow members of their shared communities an opportunity to grow via the raid train format. After a small handful of one-off raid trains, the duo established the Almost Friday Raid Train, a throwback hip-hop and R&B-focused raid train that has grown to include DJs from England, Brazil and Italy as well as the United States and Canada who embrace a variety of different musical styles. In the wake of the Almost Friday success, the HOUSE RAIDERS and CHECK THE FORMAT raid trains were established, with potentially more to come.

The goal of Raiders Doing Work was to establish a raid train community absent of a hierarchical power structure, instead opting to allow for community growth, operation and regulation. It is our hope that our community will take the onus to invite like-minded DJs into the fold who take promotional initiative, share interesting and unique ideas, and approach problems with a problem-solving mentality.

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