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 Sounds Envelope

Owner: pzdrsiema

 About the team

SoundsEnvelope is a team of DJs who are true masters of sound, transforming sound waves into magical symphonies for your ears. Playing the hottest tracks of various genres, they dive into the depths of bass, explore the mountain peaks of synthesizers, and traverse the wild plains of sound waves.

On their Twitch streams, you can expect not only incredible music, but also a real spectacle. Each set is a journey through different genres and styles, with exciting moments that will make your heart beat to the rhythm of the music.

But SoundsEnvelope is not just about music. It’s a community. A place where you can meet other EDM fans and together discover new corners of musical depths. So if you love music that moves you to the core, if you want to experience more than just another DJ stream, join SoundsEnvelope. Prepare for a sound journey you won’t forget.

 Team's upcoming events

There are no upcoming events planned or assigned to this team yet.

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