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 The Streamer Community

Owner: Phil_Tone
Moderator(s): 9_X_U DJ_Jovani_

 About the team

You call it "raid train", but we call it "FRIENDTRAIN"! Our Friendtrain should remain an event with all kinds of house music.

We at "TSC Friendtrain" make sure that every DJ involved is also a member of our discord, because we all want to know each other and in our discord you will find our guidelines and all the information and graphics (including booking code) that you need, if you want to join our Friendtrain.

So if you're interested in participating you first have to become a member of or Discord ( ) and please don't forget to introduce yourself to the community with a few words! If you have any questions, you can use our help-channel or don't hesitate to reach out to Phil_Tone on Twitch ( )

✅ Pleaso also follow our team page, so you will automatically be shown all new events in the future.

If all our friendtrains are fully booked and no more slots are available, we strongly recommend that you take a look at the „USS Raid Train“ from @9_X_U, which usually takes place on sunday a week later.

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