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Owner: pandemixDJs
Moderator(s): narcogarola dr00ee

 About the team

ViNYL VAULTs brings together some of the finest vinyl selectors on Twitch, exploring sounds and styles from across the far reaches of global electronic music. We look for accomplished vinyl DJs and selectors who spin with their soul, diving deep into their collections and dusty crates to unleash the unheard.

We focus on the mixable genres, starting with their seeds in Chicago house and Detroit techno, and mixing it up with electro, acid and dub, funk and soul to disco, jungle and d'n'b to breakbeat, in all of their many minimalist and maximalist variants...

ViNYL Vaults is assembled + curated by dj_tobias of pandemixDJs, narcogarola, and dr00ee.

 Team's upcoming events

There are no upcoming events planned or assigned to this team yet.

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