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 Fri. 21 April 2023
 15:30 ( UTC ) (connect to view in your timezone)


Organised by pandemixDJs



 About the event

Calling all the COLLECTORs!! Welcome to the ViNYL VAULTs — the first edition of the State of Vinyl! Calling all the slingers of wax & lovers of shiny discs... it is time to dig deep into the vaults to celebrate the ancient 20th century art of spinning music from scratchy plastic. On this here Record Store Day of April 22nd, 2023 we hereby declare a STATE of ViNYL! Bring the deepest, warmest vibes... the dankest & most obscure cuts... drop new finds & spin old favourites... and shake those bins to the very core of your being... We welcome (( house • techno • electro • dub • d'n'b • rare groove )) in all of their fine forms, in all the underground styles that resonate with the roots of the music, its scenes, histories, and evolutions... We welcome all the mixing styles, from long blends to fast cuts, turntablism and scratchin' to dubstyle drops and disco filter sessions... We also welcome all of you as fine DJs spinning vinyl on Twitch. Mad respect, and thank you for keeping the art of vinyl alive. assembled & curated by @narcogarola with @pandemixDJs

Time table


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