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 About DJ_Octabar

Octabar is a Dutch DJ and Producer, born in 1975 in the Netherlands...
His main genre is Progressive House, Organic House, Melodic House & techno and prefers the 'deeper' sounds..

Octabar released on labels such as G-Mafia (BR), Django Records (FR), Magnitude Recordings (NL), Chrom Records (BE), Progressive Vibes Music (ES), Deepsessions Recordings (GR), House Tribe (JP), La Mishka Records (RU), Electric Eden Records.

On Twitch Octabar performes on frequently base a DJ stream with stunning visuals, broadcast quality audio and a chat based user interaction with smoke machines, colored lights and multi-cam positions. The main purpose on twitch is to deliver only high quality DJ LIVE STREAMS to inspire others.

Octabar is also founder of RaidPal.

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