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 About DJTwisterAZ

With over 22 years of experience, and due to his exposure of genres ranging from House to Trance, Breaks to Glitch Hop and Drum ‘N Bass to Old School Techno, DJ Twister possesses the ability to mix unique, multi-genre sets that showcase the true definition of a disc jockey.

Twister has played alongside many legendary artists including Donald Glaude, Darude, Binary Hertz, Scott Sentinelz, Slenderman and Tom Foolery. He has also been featured on the radio from the San Francisco Bay Area’s KCRH to Seattle’s 107.7 The End.

Twister is part of the management team at True North Radio where he also hosts the monthly progressive house show, Digital DezHertz. He is also signed to Visceral Records and manages their sub-label Visceral Soul.
Twister currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

For Booking: [email protected]

You can also check Twister out at the following :

Every First Thursday, 5pm PST
Twitch: DJTwisterAZ
Twister’s Website:
True North Radio:
Visceral Records:

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