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 About DJZachTyler

US SF Bay Area DJ (Soon relocating to the midwest) with decades of experience. I typically play House, Techno, Trance, and Breaks, and the sub genres with those. Started way back in 1987 growing up in the Chicago suburbs. Became an accomplished DJ Producer living in the SF Bay Area in the late 90s through Y2K. Took my breaks, work for The Guitar Center Company managing IT for Audio Visual Design Group. I have a full studio I am building and run the following gear. DJM 900 Nexus, 2 CDJ-900 Nexus players, 2 Denon SC-5000M Prime media players, 2 Tecnics M3D Turntables, Roland MC-707 Groovebox, Ableton Live 11 Full suite, Arturia Keystep Pro, Arturia Minilab, Arturia Minilab MkIII

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